“I want to give back to the community that shaped me” – Rep. Marla Brown 

Relying on more than 30 years of business experience in the private sector, Rep. Marla Brown was selected by the residents of the 9th Legislative District to represent them in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives beginning in 2023. She is committed to helping to grow the state’s economy, improving opportunities for employers and employees across the Commonwealth and expanding educational opportunities while respecting taxpayers.

Marla will also focus on improving the openness of government, reducing the cost of health care, developing programs to keep our communities safe, prioritizing the upkeep of critical infrastructure and harnessing the potential of advanced energy economy for the benefit of residents and the future of our Commonwealth.

Marla is dedicated to protecting our state and national constitutions and will advocate for state’s rights, Second Amendment and pro-life rights. She will also strive to enact policies and work with local government to support Pennsylvania’s energy economy. Marla opposes government engaging in social experiments in our schools and homes and believes that free markets make free people.

Marla has been assigned to serve on the House Finance, Commerce (where she serves as the Republican chair of the Subcommittee on Local Business), Aging and Older Adult Services and Health committees for the 2023-24 Legislative Session.

Marla is committed to serving as a strong voice for the communities she represents in the state Legislature. Prior to being elected, Marla spent 15 years as an executive at UPS. She moved on to open a medical spa in Georgia and grew her business and brand from the ground up for nine years. She then took a position as chief executive officer with a nonprofit Catholic pro-life organization, the Pregnancy Aid Clinic, whose growth she tripled in only three years by adding locations and increasing funding for their mission.

In 2018, after decades of success and rising to the top of her profession, Marla returned home to Lawrence County to be closer to family and help her community build back to its glory days. One of her main priorities is to keep our children and grandchildren from leaving the area by investing in the people and culture that make it so unique.

At home, Marla is active with a range of pro-life causes, works as a fitness instructor at the local YMCA and volunteers much of her time in the community, especially with the elderly, the poor, and the sick. She is also a member of Holy Spirit Parish, where she holds a leadership position on the pastoral council.

Marla resides in New Castle with her husband, Greg. She has three children, Ashlea, who is married to Taylor Doan; and sons, Zac and Ben.